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We are part of Itumelele Trading, a registered company in South Africa (2016/280659/07) trading in the hospitality sector.

Twaksak | Tobacco Pouch just happened after I started smoking my old pipes again in 2013. From there, I started to blog, then a YouTube channel and eventually made it a business to serve the Pipe Smoking Community. I beleive, when you do something with passion, you serve the Pipe Smoking Community better than just trying to make money.

Therefore I believe in Quality over Quantity and offers exclusive high quality products to our pipe- and cigar smoking customers. We not only sell briar pipes, tobacco, cigars and accessories but also provide valuable information on this traditional hobby.  

Pipe smoking was arguably the norm for the previous generations, but for reasons we can only speculate about, smoking a pipe is nowadays almost the exception.  We would like to believe that we are part of the growing community that re-introduced the joy and art of pipe smoking.  

As you will read in some of our articles, pipe smoking is not only about "smoking", but its about the total experience of packing, lighting, tasting and relaxing (often with a book), pondering over the day or even some philosophical question.

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We believe in quality; it maybe more expensive, but the "perfect smoke" is more attainable.

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Find the balance beween quality and price

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Premium Quality

A good pipe is no only eastitically beautiful, but often adds to the pleasure of the smoke.

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Send us an email or request for products; quesstions relating to pipe smoking or tobacco.  Anything, you're welcome!