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I don't wish to enter into a huge debate on this issue as there are many knowledgeable blenders who will be able to offer a concise definition and history of aromatic, non-aromatic tobaccos and, as it is sometimes called, crossovers. Some experienced smokers will tell you that new pipe smokers prefer aromatics and as your senses and experience grow, you will start to move over to non-aromatics. However, you will be surprised how many experienced smokers do grab their aromatics from time to time.

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Tobacco Cuts

Tobacco Cuts refers to the manner of shredding, cutting, or preparing tobacco and has an effect on the burning of the tobacco in your pipe. Again, for some experience smokers the tobacco cut will play a more important role than for others - it all depends on your personal liking and availability.

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Tobacco Varieties

I've made a YouTube video on different tobacco varieties and/or different preparation methods. In this blog (and these two related videos, 1 & 2), I would like to explore more on the different tobacco varieties.

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Tobacco Blends

I'm no tobacco specialist and after a discussion with a tobacco farmer,tobacco I can safely say that I know very little about the plant and its transformation to the thing we love to smoke in our pipes. One thing I've learnt was that blending different tobacco varieties with the right ratios is a art and can produce a multitude of tastes - that's why I comapre blending with wine making.

I would like to expand on the different tobacco blends I've come to know and reviewed on my site.

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